The story “True Love” by Isaac Asimovincludes two active characters, Milton and Joe, which we will help you characterize next. The women and the police are episodic, absent characters.



Joe is the narrator of the short story, an intelligent computer program (which today we would call AI – Artificial Intelligence). Accordingly, its outer characterization tells us that it is a software that works with data, algorithms, and symbols, and which has been programmed to learn human language: “I am part of the Multivac-complex and am connected with other parts all over the world. I know everything. Almost everything.”; “I am Milton's private program. (...) I am his experimental model. He has made me speak better than any other computer can.” 

Inner characterization

Joe’s inner characterization is built by using its perspective on the events as a narrator and through its thoughts and actions.

Although Joe is a computer program, it has a number of human traits. Firstly, Joe claims that it knows almost everything and speaks better than other computers , suggesting that Joe has some sense of self-pride and self-importance. At first, it is also aware that it belongs to Milton—“His Joe.” Furthermore, Joe exhibits another human-like trait, as it lacks self-confidence about its language skills: “I don't think I talk as well as I think, but Milton says I talk very well.” 

As the story progresses and Joe is enrolled to help Milton find his true love, we notice that Joe does not understand what true love is and works using algorithms . This is probably because Milton, his programmer, does not understand love either, and asks Joe to use data to find him the perfect woman.

Although it complies with Milton’s indications, Joe is awar...

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