Take a look at the next summary of our analysis of “True Love” by Isaac Asimov and learn which are the most important aspects to focus on when analyzing a short story!

The short story follows a simple structure with a plot twist. Joe is one of the two main characters and the narrator of the short story. Milton is the second main character in the short story, who is depicted from Joe's perspective.

The story most probably takes place in the US, but there is no exact reference regarding the time setting. The social setting explores aspects related to Artificial Intelligence, love, and ethics (the difference between right and wrong).

“True Love” by Isaac Asimov has a first-person narrator. The story's language is extremely simple and easy to follow. The author does not embellish the story with figurative speech and the choice of words is related to technology, data, and match-making. 

You can read the full analysis in what follows.

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