The most important characters in the short story “Troll Bridge” by Neil Gaiman are Jack, who is the narrator-protagonist, and the troll under the bridge. The other female characters mentioned in the story – Louise and Eleanora – are only relevant for Jack’s relationship with them. A few other absent characters are mentioned, but they mostly help to develop the setting and revealing something about Jack’s personality.


Jack is the main character in the short story and its narrator. The events involve him and track key moments of his life. Though Jacks develops physically and mentally through the short story, from a child into an adult, his character fundamentally remains the same.

Outer characterisation

Regarding outer characterisation, the narrative tracks Jack’s evolution from a boy of seven walking barefoot and with a broken tooth, to a greying adult: “I was wearing a stripy brown T-shirt, and brown corduroy trousers. My hair also was brown, and I was missing a front tooth.”; “I was getting older. One day I found a grey hair; one another, I heard a recording of myself talking, and I realised I sounded just like my father.” 

Inner characterisation

Jack’s inner characterisation is done either directly, by him and the troll, or indirect...

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