The main themes of the short story “Tomorrow Is Too Far” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie are sibling rivalry and parental favoritism, themes that are closely linked. The message of the author with the short story is that parental favoritism can lead to sibling rivalry which sometimes can have tragic consequences because children are not able to foresee the potential gravity of their actions. In the story, the narrator feels her family favors her brother over her and this pushes her to punish her brother, tragically leading to the boy’s death. This also touches on the ideas of feminism, as part of the narrator’s anger is due to the fact that her natural talents weren’t appreciated because they weren’t considered feminine, whereas the same (lesser) talents in her brother were praised and encouraged.

Parental favoritism

The theme of family or parental favoritism is explored through the characters of the parents and the grandmother. In the story, the girl-narrator and her cousin Dozie become invisible to their grandmother who favors her grandson Nonso—the son of her son, the only one to carry the family name further.

The grandmother’s favoritism is culturally...

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