Style of language

The language used by Ray Bradbury in “The Veldt” is mainly neutral in the narration, and more informal in the dialogue. The informal style is suggested, for example, by contractions and fragmented sentences: “ ‘Let’s get out of here. I never have cared for these damned rooms. Make me nervous.’ ”.

The children, especially Peter, use a more formal tone, which is unusual for 10-year-old children. Peter’s language is also quite advanced, which confirms Lydia’s statement that he is very intelligent for his age: “ ‘I don’t think you’d better consider it any more, Father.’ ”. The more formal tone also makes Peter appear cold and uncaring, which is proven at the end when he and Wendy kill their parents. 

Another aspect of the language used in the story is that George’s thoughts are not distinguished from the narration. This shows that the narrator follows and sometimes adopts George’s perspective on the events: “The sun. He could feel it on his neck, still, like a hot paw. And the lions. And the smell of blood. Remarkable how the nursery caught the telepathic emanations of the children’s minds.”

Choice of words

Several adjectives and adverbs with both positive and negative meanings are used to create contrasts. For example, the veldt is described using adjectives and adverbs that suggest danger and a generally overwhelmin...

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