An analysis of “The Veldt” by Ray Bradbury shows that the story follows a traditional chronological plot structure. The events unfold in the Hadley family’s fully automated house, where the Hadley children have become obsessed with creating a dangerous African landscape in their virtual reality nursery.

The characters include Lydia and George Hadley and their children, Wendy and Peter. The narrative focuses on Lydia and George, who become worried about their children’s state of mind, and about the effects that the automated house has on them as a family. David McClean, a psychologist, also appears in the story. 

The events take place in a futuristic society. The social setting explores topics such as technology replacing real-life activities and relationships.

The events are described by a third-person narrator who mostly has access to George’s perspective, but also briefly adopts the psychologist’s perspective at the end. The language used in the story reflects the characters’ perspectives, helping with characterizations, while terms related to advanced technology indicate the futuristic setting.   

You can read a more detailed analysis in the following pages.

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