Historical perspective

There are many ways to put “The Third and Final Continent” into perspective. One is to lack at the historical perspective of US immigration. Originally, America welcomed immigration since it needed people to cultivate the land, especially in the Western parts of America. Particular…


Works with the same theme

You could also relate “The Third and Final Continent” to similar texts. 

The short story “The Escape” (2013) by Qaisra Shahraz details the story of a Pakistani immigrant, Samir, who has lived in England for 40 years. The loss of his wife makes him suddenly feel homeless and question where he truly belongs. After travelingback to Pakistan, he realizes that England has become his homeland now and moves into a retirement home. 

The story is similar to “The Third and Final Continent” in the sense that it details the life of an Asian immigrant who has moved continent to build a better life for himself and his family. Both Samir and the narrator of “The Third and Final Continent” find themselves looking back on their lives, wondering how they came to be where they are now. 

The short story “Aline’s Journey” (2003) by Edwidge Danticat tells the story of Aline and her family who try to enter the US as illegal immigrants. They are treated with hostility and are told that they will be deported back to Haiti. 

Unlike Aline, the narrator in “The Third and Final Conti…

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