When analysing a literary text, it is also important to have an overview of the language used by authors, as it can help place the story into context and better understand the text.

The language used in “The Signal-Man” by Charles Dickens is occasionally hard to follow as Dickens uses a typically Victorian vocabulary with some old-fashioned words. Furthermore, the author has a preference for long sentences which might also be hard to follow. Nevertheless, one can still grasp the main ideas of the text and the general sequence of events.

As the story is intended to be read more like a thriller, the author employs many words which create suspense, depicting the setting in a gloomy tone while the reactions of the characters are described using idioms related to fears and thrills such as “the slow touch of a frozen finger tracing out my spine” or “a disagreeable shudder crept over me”.

Additionally, the author conveys his story both through direct speech and free indirect speech which gives the text certain dynam...

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