In “The Rule of Names” by Ursula K. Le Guin, Mr. Underhill is a wizard on an island called Sattins. The people of the island are very superstitious and believe that Mr. Underhill is an incompetent wizard, but most of them are fond of him. Mr. Underhill does not usually allow people into his home, a cave under a hill. This stirs the curiosity of children who try to break into his house, but they are scared by Mr. Underhill’s terrible hissing.

One day, as Mr. Underhill returns from shopping for eggs and liver he stops by the school lessons, which are held by Palani on a field. Palani teaches a lesson about the rule of names. On Sattins Island, people are not allowed to ask somebody’s name or to give their own name to others. When children grow up they take their tr...

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