Narrator and point of view

“The Rule of Names” by Ursula K. Le Guin is a third-person narration. The narrator is outside the events but has extensive knowledge of what is happening. For instance, the narrator knows Mr. Underhill’s whereabouts and Birt’s actions, and that the villagers of Sattins do not usually receive foreign visitors: “Very seldom was the lonely isle visited by a boat from some equally lonely isle of the East Reach, or an adventurous trader from the Archipelago.” 

The narrator uses a combined point of view, as we are presented with the villagers’ point of view on Mr. Underhill, Mr. Underhill’s perspective, as well as that of Birt because we see the fight between Underhill and Blackbeard through his eyes:

“...but how could you respect a little fat man of fi...

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