The main theme explored in the short story “The Rain Missed My Face and Fell Straight to My Shoes” by Saeed Taji Farouky is the theme of escapism. 

Throughout the narrative, Samir uses different methods to escape the reality he lives in. One of the first methods he chooses is going to the cinema, a place he uses “to waste hours of every day” (p. 35, l. 31). While in the cinema, Samir pays attention to the movie and the action, which he even describes in detail: “The killer turns out to be someone the mother knows and now she’s chasing him across the city. There’s a policeman with her, and the policeman’s father was shot before when he was also a policeman” (p. 34, ll. 1-4). During this time, Samir is also having a conversation with Yous...

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