Chapter summaries – Part 4

Chapter 1 – April 29, 1992

Charlie is still lonely and spends a lot of time in a shopping mall where he watches people. He tries to speak to Michael’s ex-girlfriend at school, but she refuses and calls him a freak. 

Chapter 2 – May 2, 1992

Charlie’s drug dealer tells him that Brad’s father caught Brad and Patrick together and beat Brad up. At home, Charlie’s sister has a new boyfriend. 

Chapter 3 – May 8, 1992

Brad returns to school. When Patrick approaches him in the cafeteria, Brad calls him a faggot. Patrick hits him and a fight starts, with Brad’s football teammates joining in. Charlie beats up Brad’s friends, which scares everybody because it is not like him. Brad later thanks Charlie for stopping his friends from hitting Patrick. 

Sam starts talking to Charlie again and explains that she is angry because his actions damaged her friendship with Mary Elizabeth. However, she tells him they can all be friends again. Mary Elizabeth also has a new boyfriend, but Patrick is unhappy. 

Chapter 4 – May 11, 1992

Charlie is spending a lot of time with Patrick. They get drunk o...

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