Chapter summaries – Part 3

Chapter 1 – January 1, 1992

After leaving the party, Charlie was found asleep in the snow. Even after he recovers, he finds stationary objects still look like they’re moving. 

Chapter 2 – January 14, 1992

Charlie has a bad day at school and is still feeling the aftereffects of the LSD. Sam tries to reassure him and he starts smoking heavily. 

Chapter 3 – January 25, 1992

After he starts seeing a psychiatrist, Charlie begins to feel a bit better.

Chapter 4 – February 2, 1992

Charlie has a conversation with Bill about their lives. At home, he feels confused and restless.

Chapter 5 – February 8, 1992

Charlie is asked to go to the school dance by Sam’s friend Mary Elizabeth. He takes part in a reenactment of the Rocky Horror Picture Show with his friends and gets to touch Sam while they ...

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