Chapter summaries – Part 2

Chapter 1 – November 7, 1991

Charlie explains how Patrick and Brad first got together at a party, but after every party Brad would pretend he didn’t remember and wouldn’t speak to Patrick. After they had sex for the first time, Brad panicked and cried. Patrick agreed that they would only ever meet in secret.

Chapter 2 – November 8, 1991

Charlie is improving in his special classes with Bill, who gives him As on all his official report cards. He starts working for a fan magazine called Punk Rocky with one of Sam’s friends, Mary Elizabeth. Sam has a new and older boyfriend, Craig, and Charlie’s sister is seeing her boyfriend again in secret.

Chapter 3 – November 12, 1991

Charlie explains about an experiment showing that mice or rats will put up with a lot more pain to achieve something pleasurable than to get food. He finds this i...

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