An analysis of the short story “The Outsider” by H.P. Lovecraft shows that the narrative structure revolves around the narrator’s decision to leave the dark castle he lives in. The events take place in chronological order over the course of a few hours. 

The main character is the narrator, whose name and age are unknown. The story follows him from the moment he decides to leave his castle to the moment he accepts and embraces his identity. 

The story’s setting is an unnamed town. Some hints at the end of the story suggest that the setting might be somewhere in Egypt. Some of the story takes place in the churchyard, where the narrator arrives from his underground castle. Another significant location is a castle where people are celebrating. 

The events are described by a first-person narrator, who is also the story’s main character. The narrator is unreliable, as for the most part of the story he has no memory of his life and no knowledge of his true identity. 

The story’s language is complex and descriptive, which makes the narrator’s account vivid and emotional. The symbols introduced in the story enhance its meaning and hint at the theme of loneliness and of the supernatural.

A full analysis of the short story can be found in the following pages.

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