Style of language

The short story “The Open Window” by Saki is written in a formal style. The narration does not use slang or contractions, and the vocabulary is complex, even pompous. For instance: “Framton Nuttel endeavoured to say the correct something which should duly flatter the niece of the moment without unduly discounting the aunt that was to come” (ll. 3-5). As the story is mostly told from Framton’s perspective, the style of language reflects Framton’s inner voice. Framton also expresses himself formally in dialogue: “ ‘She has been very interesting’ ” (l. 55). This is meant to highlight the fact that Framton belongs to the upper class. 

Even though she is also upper class, Mrs. Sappleton expresses herself in a more informal manner: “ ‘They’ve been out for snipe in the marshes today, so they’ll make a fine mess over my...

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