The main characters in the short story “The Open Window” by Saki are Framton Nuttel and Vera. The two meet during Framton’s visit to Mrs. Sappleton. Vera tells Framton a story, which is fully made-up, but which Framton believes to be true. Vera is, in fact, playing a prank on Framton, which turns out to be successful when Framton runs out of the house on the arrival of the three hunters from the story. 

Mrs. Sappleton is another character in the story. She appears in the second part and chats a bit with Framton. She is waiting for her husband and brothers to return from the hunt and is not really interested in Framton. Because of Vera’s story, Framton is horrified when he hears Mrs. Sappleton constantly mentioning the arrival of her husband and two brothers and believes her to be mentally unstable.

You can read a full characterization of Framton Nuttel and Vera in the following sections.

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