Literary perspective

Stephen King’s literature typically falls into a number of different categories: thriller, horror, science fiction, and even crime fiction. The short story “The Man Who Loved Flowers” falls into the categories of thriller and crime fiction, but also includes horror elements.

The thriller genre’s main characteristics are creating suspense, but it also includes surprise elements. Most thriller elements in “The Man Who Loved Flowers” are included in the second part of the story. For example, ellipses c…


Works in the same genre

In “The Good Samaritan” by Charles Ardai, a criminal poisons homeless and destitute people to save them from a miserable life. Like King’s story, “The Good Samaritan” is told in the third person, using the combined points of view of several characters. Both stories also explore the idea that someone may have a twisted view of their actions, believing that they have good reasons for their crimes.

In “Safe Enough”, …


Works by the same author

“Strawberry Spring” follows a man who recalls how a series of women were murdered on his campus during a strawberry spring eight years ago. Now, eight years later, the same type of spring has returned and so has the murders. At the end, the man suspects that he might be the serial killer. The two texts are similar in terms of their focus on the weather/season as symbolic elements, the murder of young women, and the use of plot twist and foreshadowing.

“The Boogeyman” follows a man who is convinced that …

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