The short story “The Landlady” by Roald Dahl begins with Billy Weaver arriving in Bath, after being sent there by the Head Office of his workplace in London. He asks the station porter for a cheap hotel to spend the night and is recommended The Bell and Dragon. However, his attention is caught by the “Bed and Breakfast” sign at a boarding house, where he eventually checks in. 

The landlady is a middle-aged woman who seems gentle and harmless. She is apparently choosy about her clients, and Billy is her only guest at the moment, although the rent is very cheap. Billy is happy about his choice and settles in the room. At the landlady’s request, he comes down to sign the guestbook. 

Billy notices the previous two entries in the guestbook and realizes the names are familiar to him. He also realizes the last entry was made more than two years before. While Billy tries to remember where he heard...

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