Other characters

April Ofrah

In The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas, April Ofrah is an African-American attorney who represents the activist organization Just Us for Justice, which fights for African-American rights. Ofrah seeks out Starr and her family after Khalil’s funeral, because she wants to support Starr in the struggle for justice for Khalil (Chapter 8, 90%). However, Starr and her family (especially her mother) are a bit sceptical about Ofrah’s motives at first, because they fear she might take advantage of Starr and put her at risk in order to advance the activist organization. 

While Starr is initially sceptical of Ofrah’s proposals, she ends up agreeing to be represented by her as she speaks out about the case both on TV and in front of the grand jury (Chapter 12, 100%). Furthermore, when she meets Ofrah during the protests after One-Fifteen’s acquittal towards the end of the story, Starr also accepts the bullhorn when she meets Ofrah during the protests after One-Fifteen’s acquittal:  

She takes me to the patrol car and motions at her colleague. The lady cl...

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