Maverick Carter

Starr’s father Maverick “Big Mav” Carter is an important character in The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. Maverick was once a member of the King Lords gang. However, when Starr was young, he agreed to take responsibility for a crime committed by King and went to prison for three years. In return, King allowed him to leave the gang. He now runs a store in Garden Heights. Since his release from prison, he has worked hard to build a better life for his family. 

Maverick is protective of Starr and her brothers. For instance, he sends them to a private school in a wealthy white area, where he thinks they will have a better chance of being safe and well-educated. When Starr and Seven go out to play basketball without telling their parents, Maverick is angry: “ ‘What the hell y’all thinking, leaving the house wi...

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