Rosemary is a character that is mentioned often in the novel The Giver by Lois Lowry. She was chosen ten years ago at the Ceremony of Twelve to succeed the Receiver of Memory (Chapter 18, 14%). The old Receiver speaks highly of her: " 'She was a remarkable young woman. Very self-possessed and serene. Intelligent, eager to learn.' " (Chapter 18, 29%). 

The Giver describes her as a cheerful girl: " 'Sometimes I chose one [memory] just because I knew it would make her laugh, and I so treasured the sound of that laughter in this room [...]' " (Chapter 18, 43%).

Rosemary was anxious at the beginning of her training, but also proud and motivated. She was curious and looking forward to learn everything about her job (Chapter 18, 43%). 

Shortly after the beginning of her training, Rosemary in...

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