Narrator and point of view

The short story “The Free Radio” by Salman Rushdie is told by a first-person narrator. The narrator is also one of the story’s characters and is a witness to the events. 

Sometimes, the narrator functions as the voice of the community, as illustrated by the use of the plural “we” and “us” in the following example: 

Now then, we had always believed that our Ramani was a little soft in the head, with his notions of being a film star and what all; so most of us just nodded tolerantly and said, ‘Yes, Ram, that is nice for you,’ and, ‘What a fine, generous Government it is that gives radios to persons who are so keen on popular music.’ (pp. 20-21, l. 27, ll. 1-4)

This suggests that many of the narrator’s opinions are shared by the rest of his community.

 The narrator’s ...

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