“The Cask of Amontillado” by Edgar Allan Poe is constructed around two principal characters: Montresor, who is also the narrator, and Fortunato, the victim. Other characters which are mentioned but absent are another man called Luchresi and the servants at the palace. Both main characters are static: they do not change or develop. From the very beginning, Montresor seeks revenge and eventually gets it, while Fortunato remains the same person who likes drinking.


Montresor is the narrator of the short story and the character who turns out to be the killer, as he seeks revenge on his acquaintance, Fortunato. Consequently, we can only identify his traits based on his direct characterization or indirectly, through the way he acts, speaks and thinks.

Outer characterization

The only details regarding the man’s outer characterization can be identified based on his name and status. His name is symbolic and can be roughly translated into “mountain treasure”. As the narrator informs us, it is the name of “an old and honored family” and it also mirrors the wealth of the character.

Montresor is clearly a very rich man, belonging to the nobility as he lives in a “great stone palace” and has servants. Though we do not know the way he looks like, we can assume he is more fragile than For...

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