Themes and message

Loneliness and isolation 

In “Supertoys Last All Summer Long” by Brian Aldiss, the theme of loneliness and isolation is explored through the general social setting, but also more specifically through the characters of David and Monica. 

The action unfolds in an overcrowded society in which the world is separated into two groups: three quarters of the population is starving, while one quarter has an abundance of food (ll. 56-57). The rich are also largely unconcerned with the problems of the poor. This is suggested through the fact that the Swintons – and, implicitly, other wealthy people like them – live in windowless buildings (ll. 220-222), avoiding the realities of an overpopulated Earth. Henry’s speech also reveals that the wealthy only care about their own issues, namely loneliness and isolation (ll. 158-161). 

As the government regulates reproduction, people are not allowed to have children without government permission. This could be another reason for loneliness for many families in this world. 

For most part of the story, Monica Swinton feels lon...

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