Style of language

In “Supertoys Last All Summer Long” by Brian Aldiss, we have both formal and informal language. The formal language is mainly visible in Henry Swinton’ official announcement at work: 

‘Today, we launch an intelligent synthetic life-form – a full-size serving-man.(…) ‘There have been mechanicals on the market with mini-computers for brains – plastic things without life, super-toys – but we have at last found a way to link computer circuitry with synthetic flesh.’ (ll. 63-70)

Formal language in this piece of dialogue makes sense since Henry Swinton holds an important job and is making an announcement to people from the company. 

Informal language, which is generally used in the dialogue, is suggested, for example, by contractions: “ ‘It isn't quite right. She won't understand.’ ” (l. 86). In David’s discussions with Teddy, and in his letters, the use of child-like language helps add to the impression that David is not very different fro...

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