Outer characterization

In Brian Aldiss' “Supertoys Last All Summer Long”, it is suggested in the first part of the story that David is the three-year-old son of Monica and Henry Swinton. He is described as having a “dark head” (ll. 16), and he wears shoes and socks (l. 15). However, it is later revealed that David is a synthetic being probably designed to resemble and mimic a human. 

Inner characterization 

David’s actions – such as jumping in the pool (l. 12), writing letters to his mother (ll. 81-82), and hiding from her (ll. 128-130) – initially suggest that he is very similar to a human boy. They also reveal that he seems to have feelings, which indicates that he is a very advanced type of synthetic being. However, his feelings seem to be focused on his mother – expressing his love for her, receiving her love – which could suggest that David was programmed to do so to imitate a human child. 

Sadly, because Moni...

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