Literary movement

The short story “Sunday in the Park” by Bel Kaufman has several elements of modernist literature.

One of them is the open ending and the pessimistic nature of the story. The ending coincides with its climax, the highest point in the story. The conflict between …


Works with the same theme

Another story which deals with a family conflict is “Will You Please Be Quiet Please” by Raymond Carver. In this story, the conflict between the husband and wife is brought on by the wife’s infidelity. In both stories, the women feel some contempt towards their husbands and perceive them as weak. 

The story “Son of Satan” by Charles Bukowski also presents an act of violence by a child against a random victim and its consequences. In both stories, the violence is reinforced by the child’s father, who is also aggressive. However, in “Son of Satan”, both the act of violence and its consequences are much more severe.…

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