Here is the summary of the analysis we cover in the next pages of the study guide.

The short story “Suffer the Little Children” by Stephen King follows a traditional plot structure. It includes various narrative elements typical of horror stories such as suspense, tension points, and foreshadowing elements. 

Emily Sidley is the main character in the short story. In what follows, we will characterize her and Robert, the second important character in the short story who functions as the antagonist..

Regarding its setting, the short story is set in the US, probably in Augusta, Georgia. The events take place over a month or so and they take place in an ambiguous social setting. 

“Suffer the Little Children” is a third-person narrative, told by a narrator who is outside the events. Also, the language used by Stephen King is accessible and easy to follow. The author uses numerous figures of speech and language devices, some of which we will outline in our analysis.

Read the full analysis of the short story “Suffer the Little Children” by Stephen King in the following pages!

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