Society's failure to protect the vulnerable

The novel Stone Cold by Robert Swindells shows a negative portrayal of the way society treats the homeless. Even though Link is almost killed by Shelter, he is more affected by society’s attitude against the homeless than by Shelter’s actions. 

Firstly, Link is a victim of society’s inability to help people in difficult situations continue their studies. Link goes to school despite his unfortunate family situation but, because of the authorities’ lack of interest, he is forced to abandon school and the possibility of being on a training scheme:

I’d got five GCSEs, which was a miracle when you remember what was going on at home, but I couldn’t get a job and there’s no government money for school-leavers. You’re supposed to be on a training scheme, but there aren’t enough places and I didn’t get on. (Daily Routine Orders 1, 50%%)


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