Chapter summaries 8-15

Daily Routine Orders 8

The second half of Stone Cold by Robert Swindells starts with Shelter and Link's meeting. As Shelter is inspecting the streets, he is approached by two homeless boys – who are revealed to be Link and Ginger – asking him for money. He thinks that they are laughing at him, and memorizes their faces, planning to get revenge. 

Link tries begging people for money and, at first, he feels rejected by people’s attitudes. After he gets used to rejection, he finds begging easier. Link and Ginger meet up, buy some food, and find a doorway to sleep under. Link reflects on how tough it is to sleep in doorways, and the risks of being homeless. He has trouble sleeping because of his bruises and hunger and wakes up tired. After a difficult day spent begging, Ginger tells Link about a safe place to sleep in, owned by a man named Captain Hook. 

Daily Routine Orders 9

Shelter thinks that he can be considered a serial killer, as he has three victims buried under his floorboards. Shelter approached his third victim by adopting the role of a hostel warden, and offered to take the homeless man there. They stopped at Shelter’s home under the pretense of having to feed the cat, and Shelter killed him. 

Ginger tells Link that Captain Hook is a man who rents out his boats to homeless people, providing a safe space to sleep for the night. Link initially dislikes the crowded, smelly boat, but sleeps soundly for the first time in a while. The next morning, in Camden Lock market, Link and Ginger meet three of Ginger’s homeless friends, who complain a...

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