Time period

The events described in Robert Swindells’ novel Stone Cold take place in the early 1990s, most likely in 1994. This is suggested by Link’s details about his birthday: “Born March 20th, 1977” (Daily Routine Orders 1, 50%). At the time of the narrative, Link is a teenager of about seventeen years old, which suggests that the events take place around 1994. 

1994 was a year marked by economic growth in the UK. The unemployment rate was down, and the country continued to recover economically from a recent recession. In this light, the novel draws attention to society’s prejudice towards the homeless, whom the system tends to ignore even though it has the economic means to help them. 

Physical setting


Bradford is Link’s hometown and the place he used to live with his family before Vince moved in. As he is forced to move out of his home, Link is homeless and forced to live on the streets. However, his stay in Bradford is short because he associates the place with th...

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