Relationship between the characters

Here, you can read about the relationships between Link and other characters in the novel Stone Cold by Robert Swindells. 

Link and his mother 

The relationship between Link and his mother deteriorates when Vince appears in their lives. In the beginning, Link’s mother is caring and modest, but her behavior soon starts to mirror Vince’s. Link dislikes his mother’s transformation into a woman who goes clubbing and accepts Vince’s sexually suggestive remarks. Because of Vince’s influence, she lets down Link and she is not able to provide for him as a mother.

When Link leaves home, her behavior reveals that she chooses Vince over her son. Nevertheless, she contributes to buying Link a sleeping bag as a Christmas present, which confirms Link’s belief that she thinks of him as worthless: “said they thought of me as a dosser – as someone who might always be a dosser, so he might as well be as comfy as possible. It hurt like hell…” (Daily Routine Orders 3, 80%). The relationship between Link and his mother ends abruptly as he leaves Bradford, and they do not communicate throughout the rest of the novel. However, Link clearly misses her and thinks about her several times: “Mum. Wonder what Mum’s doing? Wonder if she wonders...

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