Other characters

Link’s mother

Link’s mother is another important character in Robert Swindells’ novel Stone Cold. She is partly responsible for Link leaving home. Before meeting Vince, Link’s mother used to have an ordinary life: 

She used to be one of those quiet people who are satisfied with the daily routine of their lives. She hardly ever went out at night – she didn’t seem to want to. She was wrapped up in her family, I guess. She was always there when you needed her and I think she loved us. (Daily Routine Orders 1, 75%)

When Link’s mother meets Vince, she starts mirroring his behavior. Much to her son’s distaste, she goes clubbing and she openly accepts Vince’s suggestive comments: “Mum just laughs and shoves him and says ooh, you are a one” (Daily Routine Orders 1, 50%). When her daughter Carole reveals that Vince ...

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