Ginger is one of the most important characters in Robert Swindells’ novel Stone Cold. He is a homeless boy whom Link meets in London and who becomes Link’s friend and companion. When they first meet, Ginger reveals that he has been homeless for “six, seven months” (Daily Routine Orders 7, 38%). Physically, Ginger is “tallish” (Daily Routine Orders 11, 50%), has “red hair” (Daily Routine Orders 11, 50%), “carries a green pack” (Daily Routine Orders 11, 50%), and he is a bit older than Link. 

As he has been homeless for more time than Link, Ginger is streetwise and knows how to get around in London, so he becomes Link’s mentor. Ginger teaches Link how to beg, where to find the cheapest food, and where to find a safe place to spend time during the day and the nig...

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