In the novel Stone Cold by Robert Swindells, Gail is a homeless girl whom Link meets soon after Ginger’s disappearance. Link does not know that Gail is actually an undercover journalist named Louise Bain, who researches homelessness. This is revealed at the end of the novel when she sees Link fighting Shelter and calls the police. 

Physically, Link describes Gail as “the best-looking dosser” (Daily Routine Orders 11, 80%) he has ever seen:

I noticed her hair first. Chestnut, spilling from under her green knitted cap like fire. Her eyes were terrific too – dark and wide and shining like she’d just had twelve hours’ kip. She had on a battered waxed jacket, torn muddy jeans and broken-down trainers, but she soared above her scruffiness – her looks and bearing...

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