Characterization of the narrator

The narrator is the main character in the short story “She Shall Not Be Moved” by Shereen Pandit. She used to be a political activist. It is suggested that she left her native country because she got in trouble for her activism:

I’m only living in this miserable country because I’d got into trouble back home, fighting for our rights. There are political posters and slogans all over the house. One of them’s got Pastor Neumuller’s speech: ‘First they came for the Jews...’ and all that. (ll. 121-124)

In this context, her inability to speak for the Somali woman might suggest that she is slightly hypocritical, as she does not follow her example of standing up against injustice. 

The narrator comes up with a lot of excuses to justify her lack of interference in the conflict between the white women and the So...

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