Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe (1719) is one of the most successful adventure novels ever written. It tells the story of Robinson Crusoe, a seafarer who is stranded on a lonely uninhabited island and lives there for 28 years. After 23 years of loneliness, Robinson is joined by his companion, Friday who he rescues from hostile cannibals. Together they spend a long time living a comfortable life as master and servant until a group of cannibals appears again on the island. Robinson and Friday have many adventures, until Robinson is finally able to return to England. The book is generally divided into 20 chapters, but sometimes some of the chapters are left out or merged together. 

We have created a thorough chapter summary for you, in which you can read exactly what happens in the novel. This way you won't lose track of what's going on. The individual chapters are provided with place, time, characters, and a precise description of the plot.

 You can also read our short summary which gives you an overview of the entire plot. Our four-part summary also offers you a more detailed account of the story. Overall, the three pages give you a detailed overview of the entire content of the novel and form a good basis for your own work on the text in terms of characterization, analysis, and interpretation.

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