Robinson Crusoe

The first sea voyages of the young merchant's son

Robinson Crusoe is the main character and first-person narrator in Daniel Defoe's novel Robinson Crusoe. He was born in 1632 in York, in northern England (Chapter 1, 0%). Even as a child, Robinson dreams of going to sea and experiencing adventure. Robinson's father is a successful and wealthy merchant who originally comes from Bremen. However, he wants to discourage his son from going on a sea voyage. His warnings do not stop the stubborn young man, who does not ask his father's permission when he decides to leave home (Chapter 1, 0%). We do not know anything about Robinson's mother.

Robinson ignores his father's warning and is persuaded in the port city of Hull by an acquaintance to travel with him to London. At the beginning, the young merchant's son is not yet used to sailing on a ship. He therefore becomes seasick on his first sea voyage. Consequently, he feels great fear because a storm is coming up which causes the ship to sway. However, he gets used to life at sea quite fast (Chapter 1, 48%).

Eight days later, another storm rages. The frightened Robinson is shipwrecked near the English coast. He is eventually rescued, but is too ashamed to return home (Chapter 1, 93%). A short time later, he receives an offer from a friendly captain to sail with him to the coast of Guinea. The young adventurer still wants to see the world and decides to sail with him. He takes along cheap trade goods that he wants to sell for a profit in Africa. The captain becomes a good, fatherly friend to Robinson and teaches him mathematics and navigation (Chapter 2, 10% ).

Captured by pirates

 Robinson's ship is attacked by pirates near the Canary Islands. The crew tries to escape, but the pirates catch up with them. After a terrible and bloody battle, the pirates prove to be better armed and superior, so the ship's crew and Robinson are forced to surrender.

The entire crew is captured and taken by the pirates to Saleh, a Moorish port. Most of the crew is then taken inland. Robinson, however, remains in the port city and becomes the personal slave of the pirate captain. Because he is young and skillful, he has to do menial work for the pirate captain from then on (Chapter 2, 21%). Although he is a prisoner for two years, Robinson never gives up hope o...

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