The novel Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe tells the story of a man who becomes stranded on an island for a very long time. Robinson Crusoe was born in York in 1632, the son of a wealthy businessman. The adventurous young man leaves his family against his father's wishes to set sail for London. On the way, the ship is caught in a great storm and the traumatized Robinson swears to never set foot on a ship again and to return home.

Our detailed characterizations offer you a comprehensive description of the two main characters of this exciting adventure novel. The title character Robinson and his companion Friday are discussed in detail. Robinson Crusoe is a very adventurous, but also intelligent and cunning man who survives 23 years alone on an uninhabited Pacific island. The young cannibal Friday becomes his faithful servant and companion, always standing by Robinson's side after the adventurer rescues him from hostile man-eaters.

Afterwards we explain the relationship between Robinson and his companion and servant Friday. This is characterized by unequal and hierarchical power structures in which Robinson shows his arrogance as master and commander.

Both characterizations are always based on the text and help you to better understand the motivations and behavior of the main characters. They are written in an accessible way and closely follow the text. Therefore, the statements are followed by the corresponding text passages or quotations. These details allow the reader to form a clear picture of the character in question. They form an ideal basis for a deeper understanding of the novel and its themes.

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