Physical and time setting

Physical setting

Daniel Defoe’s novel Robinson Crusoe takes place in a variety of settings. At the beginning, the plot is set in England, where the main character, Robinson Crusoe, is born and lives in the city of York. On his first voyage, Robinson is shipwrecked and arrives with his crew in a small town where they are initially taken in. Afterwards they travel on to London.

Later, Robinson sets off on a journey to Guinea. Guinea is a country in West Africa on the Atlantic coast. But before Robinson reaches the country, his ship is attacked by Moorish pirates near the Canary Islands. The pirates capture Robinson as a slave and take him to the Moorish port city of Saleh. He spends two years in the captivity of the Moorish pirates until he finally escapes and travels to South America with Portuguese sailors.

After his liberation, Robinson lives for a while in Brazil in South America. He gains some wealth there as well, as a plantation owner. He then embarks on another voyage to engage in the slave trade in Guinea. On his voyage he is shipwrecked again and this time is stranded on a desert island.

This fertile island lies in the Caribbean and is home to exotic flora and fauna. Turtles, parrots, and wild goats li...

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