Daniel Defoe's debut novel Robinson Crusoe (1719) became successful immediately after its publication. The fictional story seems authentic and believable. The main character is an ordinary person who describes his life in simple, precise terms. The realism of the story as well as its straightforwardness encourage the reader's sympathy for the main character and helps them identify with him, something which can also be found in modern novels.

Our detailed analysis deals with the most important elements of the narrative. First, we explain in great detail the meaning of the title, which was originally very long. Then we examine the physical and time setting. We break down the structure of the novel for you before examining the language. Finally, we take a good look at the narrator and point of view used in the novel.

Our systematic analysis stays close to the text. It forms an important basis for the interpretation of the work. It offers suggestions for your own reflections and discussions in English literature classes and for the preparation of exams or evaluations. Everything is explained in plain language and supported by appropriate and illustrative textual examples.

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