Literary perspective

John Cheever is a 20th-century writer whose fiction often falls into the category of modernism. One of the features of modernism is experimentation with form and literary techniques. In “Reunion”, the structure is si…


Works with the same theme or by the same author

The short story “The Death of Tommy Grimes” by R.J. Meaddough explores a father-son relationship. The story presents a boy’s hunting experience alongside his father and reveals that the boy and his father were not hunting for an animal, but a black man. A comparison between “The Death of Tommy Grimes” and “Reunion” shows that both Tommy and Charlie have a profound admiration for their fathers, whom they wish to make proud. In both cases, the fathers have a negative influence on their sons, as their behavior robs their sons of their innocence.

The short story “Just Like That” by Michael Richards explores the theme of coming of age. The story shows how a boy loses his innocence and transforms into a man during a hunting trip led by his father. Comparing “Reunion” with “Just Like That” reveals that, in both stories, violence plays an importa…

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