Outer characterization

George is one of the main characters in John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men. He is described in detail when he is introduced to the story:

Both were dressed in denim trousers and in denim coats with brass buttons. Both wore black, shapeless hats and both carried tight blanket rolls slung over their shoulders. The first man was small and quick, dark of face, with restless eyes and sharp, strong features. Every part of him was defined: small, strong hands, slender arms, a thin and bony nose. (p. 8)

The fact that George is dressed in denim suggests immediately that he is a farm worker. He is also deliberately contrasted with Lennie, who is described as a huge man and as George’s “opposite” (p. 8). This suggests that the two men make an unusual pair. 

Inner characterization

George is short-tempered

From the beginning, George comes across as short-tempered and abrupt. His first words show him telling Lennie off: “ ‘Lennie!’ he said sha...

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