Connell Waldron

Outer characterization

Connell Waldron is one of the two main characters of the novel Normal People by Sally Rooney. He is a young man from a working-class family in Carricklea, Ireland. His mother, Lorraine, raised Connell on her own, and Connell does not know who his father is. The novel follows him from the age of 17 or 18 years old to his early 20s. Connell studies English Literature at Trinity University and later works as an editor for the university’s literary magazine. 

He is described as athletic and attractive, with “a very nice face” (p. 83). Marianne notes he has good posture and a figure “like a long elegant line drawn with a brush” (p. 11). 

Inner characterization

Connell worries about what people think of him

Throughout the novel, Connell is characterized by his intense concern over what other people think of him. In this way, Marianne acts as a foil for Connell, as she ...

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