Style of language

The short story “Mr. Mumsford” by Larry French is written in a neutral style. 

The language in the dialogue illustrates the characters’ background. For instance, Bibs’ speech is filled with grammatical errors, which reveals his limited education. For example: “ ‘Onliest person knows my real name is that woman signs my check’ ” (ll. 25-26). The principal tends to express himself correctly and in a more formal manner, for instance: “ ‘What have I ever done to you? ” (l. 22) However, it is relevant to note that when the principal attempts to deal with Bibs, he uses the same manner of speech as him: “ ‘Say, lookee here, if I promise me and all my teachers call you by your real name from now on, will you not kill me?’ ”(ll. 39-41) This su...

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