Apartheid and colonialism

One of the main themes of the novel Mother to Mother by Sindiwe Magona is  apartheid and colonialism. 

The issue of colonialism is discussed by looking at the wealth of the white colonizers of South Africa and the way they have gained it. For example, the taxi driver who is taking Mandisa and Mama back to Guguletu comments on the wealth of the white boers:

‘Can you believe that all these cattle belong to one boer? We have been driving, for over an hour, through ONE farm?’ (…) The driver (…) went on about how the boers arrived in the country, long ago, with not one animal between them.

‘Stole them from us. STOLE everything from us.’ (p. 116)

This shows that the native people of South Africa resent the white colonizers for invading their home, stealing from them, and...

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