In Sindiwe Magona’s novel Mother to Mother, Tata is Mandisa’s father and Mama’s husband. He has three children: Mandisa, Malume, and Funiwe, and he works at the Cape Town Docks. He is described as having thick hair and eyebrows and a small forehead (p. 60). Mandisa describes Tata as a “stern, never-demonstrative father” (p. 64). Still, he proves to be a caring man, despite not being openly affectionate. 

When Mandisa returns from Gungululu while three months pregnant, Tata initially refuses to talk to her (p. 118). However, he is understanding of Mandisa’s situation, and supportive of her decision to return to school instead of marrying China (p. 130). He also disapproves of the way China’s family has treated Mandisa and does not believe Mandisa shoul...

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