Outer characterization

Another important character in the novel Mother to Mother by Sindiwe Magona is China. He is a boy who moves to Mandisa’s school, and the two begin a secret relationship. He is handsome and tall, with “small, slanted eyes” (p. 108), “short hair, never combed” (p. 108), and “a decided mix of uncomplimentary features that, somehow, managed to end up with the most pleasing outcome” (p. 108). 

Inner characterization

China is popular and a good student, and Mandisa describes him as “a very sensible and sensitive boy” (p. 96).However, once he discovers Mandisa is pregnant, China reveals his unpleasant side. He refuses to accept that he is the father of Mandisa’s child as he worries that his plans for the future would be ruined by the arrival of ...

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