Act 1, Scene 1: the witches

The very first scene in Shakespeare’s Macbeth may seem like an extremely short scene where nothing really happens. We meet three witches accompanied by their magical animals, and we hear the witches briefly discuss when to gather next. We learn that they plan to meet with someone called Macbeth once a battle is over. This scene is short and brisk - just like the play as a whole.

However, the opening scene has an important function in the play. A sense of danger runs through this scene, and as audience or readers, we are supposed to realise that this is a world where things are already about to go wrong. Our Background information section explains how the Elizabethans believed that everything in the universe was ordered in a strict hierarchy called the Chain of Being. Upsetting this hierarchy would upset the entire world order. In Scene 1, there are indications that this state o...

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